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DJ Baker


DJ Baker


Hollywood, Fl



Favourite Song:

Dougal & Gammer - Break it

Favourite Film:

Enter the Void



And a mini bio: Grew up in California mixing gabber for crazy ravers. Moved in with a hardcore DJ = Toy Soldier. Learned quiet a bit as far as spinning and how to set up my tracks. Then I moved to Florida with all this knowledge at my feet. Began making a huge impact and started mixing multiple genres of music including Hardcore, DnB, Gabber, Dubstep, Freeform, Psytrance/Goa. As I moved further into the scene here I noticed NOBODY spun hardcore...or anything I spun for that matter except for DnB, none the less I never gave up and now people respect my abilities as a DJ...I was then given the oppertunity to spin at Ultra Music Fest 2011 as a battle set Rabbit vs Baker. 2 of the only DJs in florida that actually spin hardcore. Currently I am spinning online via stickam and Ukast as well as live performances at local parties. Now i'm working on producing my own beats and music so stay tuned you never know what crazy tracks I might drop next!

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