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DJ Chexmixer




Los Angeles, CA


2012 Prius C

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Happy Gilmore



Hey, hey. I've been DJing Hardcore since 2002 and my love for this music keeps on going strong. I started as a bedroom DJ like most of us and later I was DJing at raves of KoTC. After DJing for them at a handful of parties I decided to leave, but fortunately I was contacted by Atomic to spin for UKast-fm around the same time. Since then I've been spinning only on UKast-fm and I love it. I get a lot of satisfaction/joy/pleasure ;D ;D/ and just an overall great feeling spinning for UKast. I've meet a lot of great people and UKast keeps my DJing out there. A thank you to my pops for buying me my first set-up, my mum for my first records, Marimo for the support and the many many pictures (including this one), and special thanks to Atomic for letting me stream, n00b, and everyone else who is tuning in.

Download DJ ChexMixer & Marimo - Let It Go
Download DJ ChexMixer & Marimo - Never Said
Download DJ ChexMixer - Tell Me Now

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