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DJ En3rgy




Hollywood, CA
Cincinnati, OH


Time Traveling Delorean & 2006 Hyundai Tucson

Favourite Song:

Hand In Hand - Dune/ Fun Fair - Force & Styles

Favourite Film:

Way too many to pick just one!


Ello to all the people of the world!!! I'm En3rgy, many are familiar with me and many more will be familiar sooner or later. 21 years ago I started raving and down the line I got into deejaying and since then I've been a performing for over 16 years. I have performed all across North America and hopefully the world next. I'm a deejay , an Emcee, producer, an independent Record label partner, a lover, a revolutionary, a gamer, a stoner, an artist, Wrestling Fan, Zombie Killer, Time Traveler, Vaginatarian, hooligan and a paranormal investigator. Yes you heard right at the end! I hunt ghosts too! I'm also the owner and founder of a production company known as Kids Of The Core Global or K.O.T.C. to some which has done over 35 shows for over the past 10 years. I was responsible for throwing some of the biggest and most memorable hardcore shows in North America and in California. Through out the years I started out just raving and promoting and got into deejaying by the fate that people just never thought I could do it. I spin all forms of Hardcore, Hard Dance as well. I have had the honor of having been able to perform with some of Hardcore's largest acts and not just perform and MC but become great friends with them all. I'm happy to have had all the opportunities I've had over the years and even more that haven't even stepped my way yet. I have had many honors in the name of hardcore but the best was having the ravers accept me and even designate titles and nicknames for me as a proud representation. I look forward to rocking out for you guys on UKast-FM and thank Atomic for the spot. So be prepared for the "Candykid Hardcore Hero" aka "The Candykid Superman" that I have found a new home to share the choons I have grown up with for so long. Shout out to my KOTC Global Family in all nations, The Demon Krew, all my record labels I'm a part of and to my new UKast-FM family which I will be happy to represent everywhere I go! Cheers! "What's Your Core?" - En3rgy, KOTC Global Inc.

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