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DJ Kid Nickles




Columbus, Ohio


2001 Hyundai Accent

Favourite Song's:

Rescue and Outforce - Break Me Down & Nobody and IYF - The Showdown

Favourite Film's:

Growth, Martyrs, The Battery & The ABC's of Death



After attending his first rave in 1997 Kid Nickles was hooked on electronic music. His passion transformed into an obsession and by the turn of the century he had started his career as a DJ. He spent the next decade spinning a multitude of genres.

From Trance to Basslines, he finally found his heart was 180+ beats a minute. For the past three years Kid Nickles has been a mainstay in the Midwest hardcore scene and is now an up and coming Producer. With his infectious beats, amazing tracks and high energy sets he is sure to get even the most jaded on the dance floor moving!

Not being one to be restricted, even within a genre, he spins and produces UK, Aussie, 8-bit inspired Hardcore, and now even adding the electrocore and dubcore subgenres that have come to take the world by storm. In the past few years he has seen his following explode with bookings in many cities and states including DC, Detroit, Baltimore, Hagerstown, Illonois, Indiana, West Virginia and of course, his home state of Ohio. He has also played along side of some of the BIGGEST names in UK Hardcore such as Luna-C, Jamie Ritmen, Kevin Energy, DJ Venom, DJ Spree, Jimni Cricket, Squiggles, Crackerjack, Donald Whan, and Da Lollipop Kids, just to name a few! Be on the look out for this "tour de force" of hardcore as he blazes his way across the states!!!

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