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I hate writing these things, so I'm going to keep it short and sweet. I grew up in a musically inclined family. My dad was always playing old records when I was younger. Artists like Glenn Miller's Orchestra, Michael Jackson, and more. As I got older, "regular" music that was played on the radio didn't do much for me. When I was 14, my cousin gave me a cd that I instantly fell in love with. I would later come to find out that the CD was "Delta 9 - Hardcorps." I played that CD to death! Around that time, Domestic Hard House was flourishing around the Los Angeles area. I got into it heavilly, and started spinning when I was 16 under the name Dj Bionik. I got a residency at a club spinning Hard House and later released an EP on MixMasters records with one of my tracks being featured on Dj Venom's Straight Bangin Volume 2. Around 2000, Hard House started dying out and I got into happy hardcore via the Happy 2b Hardcore series. I knew a name change was going to be needed to fit the new style of music so while I was at work, I happened upon a report for a company called "Liquid and Energy Management." and I liked how Liquid Energy sounded. In order to differentiate myself, I shortened the Energy to NRG and added an underscore instead of a space, so Liquid_NRG was born. I've been spinning for over 10 years now and don't feel like stopping any time soon. I'm also into producing my own stuff and it's a great feeling playing one of your own songs and seeing people go crazy. Anything else, just ask. :D

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