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DJ Pleiades


Conrad Ray


Washington, USA



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DJ Pleiades was first introduced to happy hardcore late in 2006 with artists such as Hixxy, Re-con, Scott Brown, and Entity. The cheesy vocals and pounding basslines have proven hard to resist. Acquired a set of Gemini CDJs, and started mixing for UKast-FM in 07'. With friends skilled in the art of deejaying to back him up, DJ Noobcake was born. Thanks to the UKast community, Noobcake was able to grow as a deejay, and with exposure to many different styles of mixing, Noobcake eventually evolved into Pleiades.
As the newly known Pleiades, Pleiades started to focus on building up his music library of hardcore and jcore. After gaining enough variety in the genre, and with enough mixing experience, was able to do a debut set in Pasco, WA. Nowadays, if you're lucky enough you can catch a random mix on ukast-fm, or soundcloud!

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