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Greetings and Salutations everyone! Ryan Kore here, stationed in Los Angeles! I've been listening to Hard Dance since 2002 and never looked back, As a young 20y/o right now, I am more determined than ever to share the phatty hardcore sounds all over the world! Thus I embarked into my adventure with UKast!! I'm very proud and honored to be on here, Really hope I can branch out to the oldskoolers and newcomers to Hardcore! Nothing makes me happier then hearing someone found out about it! I've played with the likes of: Darwin,Robbie Long,Chris Unknown,Dougal & Gammer,Orbit1,Joey Riot,Fracus,Impact,Stormtrooper,Oli G,Exphesis. These and many many other leaders of hardcore constantly influence my sounds! The best way I can describe my musical style is... A hands up thrill ride with a dash of bouncy and hard curves! Tune in to my sets to hear for yourself! :)

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